2 Aardvarks Charity Aardvent Calendar

Welcome to our 2019 Aardvent Calendar! We will be giving £50 to a different charity every day in the run up to Christmas. Our clients and partners have helped us choose charities that have a special meaning to them.

Hover over/tap the doors below to find out who nominated today’s charity and why. And don’t forget to come back soon as there will be a new charity announced every day.

Aardvent Door 7
Aardvent Door 2
Aardvent Door 1
Aardvent Calendar day 9 animation hedgehogs
Aardvent Calendar Day 12
Aardvent Door 5
Aardvent Door 6
Aardvent Door 3
Aardvent Calendar Day 10
Aardvent Door 8
Aardvent Calendar Day 13
Aardvent Calendar Day 11
Aardvent Calendar Day 4